Try Hosting A Plant-Based BBQ This Summer

Plant-Based BBQ Essentials

According to a recent Nielsen survey, 39% of Americans are actively trying to eat more plant-based foods. However, many shoppers aren’t purchasing traditional plant-based options like tofu, brown rice, and granola. Within the plant-based food space, innovation is key and a wide array of plant-based alternatives are what have been catching consumer’s eye. Maybe you’ve even noticed the new assortment of plant-based patties alongside the typical ground beef burger patties in your grocery store. Have you been tempted to branch into the plant-based diet? Below are a few options to keep in mind when preparing for you next BBQ.

Plant-Based BBQ Essentials

  • Jackfruit “Pulled Pork” Sandwiches

    • If you’re a vegetarian or if you’ve hung around vegetarians, there’s a good chance Jackfruit has made its way into the conversation. This chewy meat alternative can even trick meat eaters into thinking they are eating the real thing when it comes to pulled pork. Slather on some barbeque sauce and sauté the jackfruit on a skillet for any quick and delicious pulled pork substitute.
  • Plant-Based Patties

    • Brands like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger have figured out a way to create meatless burger patties that look and taste just like the real thing! If you haven’t tried either of these patties, be sure to add them to your shopping list.
  • Veggie Hot Dogs

    • Believe it or not, roasted carrots look a lot like hot dogs and if they’re cooked correctly, they can taste like one too! Just be sure to season with cumin for an amazing flavor. The best part of this veggie alternative is you actually know what you’re putting into your body, unlike when you take a bite into a suspicious ingredient filled hotdog.
  • Tofu Steak

    • Aside from the fact that there is no fooling anyone who may be looking your tofu steak that it is indeed not a true steak, you can transform this soy-based product into something that tastes just like chicken! Marinate these slabs of tofu with ginger, garlic, red pepper, or anything that excites your taste buds for the most flavor.

What plant-based alternative will you be integrating into your next  barbecue?  If you have dietary questions that you wish to speak to a Top Doctor about, click here to find a reviewed and approved provider in your area.